Pricing Details

Prices are based on the total square footage under roof.  Heated square footage consists of finished living areas, whereas total square footage under roof includes finished living areas, plus unfinished living areas, garages, and porches.

Stock House Plans

Stock plans are pre-designed, ready-to-build plans with no modifications. Stock plans available for sale can be found on the “View House Plans” page and are priced as shown.  

Modified House Plans

Fees for modified plans include the PDF stock plan price plus modification fees, which can range from $100-$1,000, depending on how extensive the modifications are.  If you would like to modify an existing stock plan, please contact for a quote.  

Custom House Plans

If you would like to combine features from multiple stock plans or create a new design from scratch, the price is 75 cents per square foot under roof.  If you would like a custom plan, please contact for more information.


Occasionally we will offer discount codes for online purchases.  These discounts can only be used for stock house plans and are not applicable for modified or customized plans.